Announcing Lost Echo


Jul 23 2013 - Posted by: Nick Konstantoglou

After two years of work, we are ready to announce our first game! And it's both exciting and terrifying.

We weren't expecting it would take this long, when we started making this. It's our first game, so we underestimated the time required. It is also a very ambitious game for a two person team. It's the kind of ambitious game, that usually doesn't manage to get finished from small teams such as ours. But we did it!

And now the time of truth is almost here. How are people going to react to our game? What is the result of all those late nights, the anxiety and the excitement, going to be?

Without further ado then:

We are proud to announce Lost Echo. A modern point and click adventure game for iOS devices. Coming Very Soon. We have prepared a trailer, screenshots and all that good stuff.


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