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Nov 11 2015 - Posted by: Nick Konstantoglou

Larisa, Greece, November 11th, 2015 - Developer KickBack has the following announcements to make:

Lost Echo was just released on Google Play (with a shiny new launch trailer to go with it). Lost Echo was also released on Amazon. Also, a teaser for Lost Echo: Resonance was released. There was also a big update to existing platforms! 6 new localizations were added, bringing the total up to 9!

"But this is too short for a press release" said Vagelis Antonopoulos Co-Owner of KickBack. "Well, it's short and straight to the point." said Nick Konstantoglou also Co-Owner of KickBack. "So, completely unlike your normal writing" said everyone who has played Lost Echo. "You know, the self-deprecating, self-referencial meta humour is starting to get a bit stale, don't you think?" said a voice inside my head.

"And you know what?" continued that voice inside my head "Isn't that android launch trailer the same concept as the original? What are you doing? I know you are past your peak creatively, but don't you have any new ideas any more?"

"Well, people seemed to like the old trailer" I reply. "Plus I think I executed the idea better this time, plus I did another cool version of the trailer song, that's kinda nice!" I offer as excuses. But enough about the trailer, let's talk about the game.

Lost Echo may have taken a very, VERY long time to get released on Android, but we weren't sitting idly. Compared to the original release, the game has better graphics, refined gameplay and controls, we have smoothed out the kinks, did dialogue edits, improved animations, improved performance, added 8 localisations, redid the menus, improved the fonts and typography. In short we have improved the game in every possible way.

That's the reason it has taken us so long. And definitely not because, as introvert developers, we were too stressed by the idea of having to manage another release, contact marketing, build sites and create promo material. It's also definitely not because we still can't deal very well with negative feedback that unavoidably comes when new people play your game and so we kept thinking up of new things to add and improve so we could put off the release a little more. It's definitely not those things, that would be way too unprofessional.

Lost Echo is now available in English, German, Italian, French, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Greek.

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Lost Echo Resonance Press Kit

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With so much "official" and unofficial recognition, you would think the developers would be thick skinned and confident enough by now to not be easily influenced by negative-LA-LA-LA-LA-LA

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