Lost Echo Walkthrough


Sep 27 2013 - Posted by: Nick Konstantoglou

Important note: You can access the in-game menu by tapping the small grey button that appears at the top center of the screen.

You can use the in-game menu to manually save your game, or see hints on how to solve the puzzle you are facing.

Warning: Walkthough contains spoilers. We suggest using the in-game hints first, as they can be more subtle. Please use this walkthrough only if you get desperately stuck.


  1. Talk with Chloe.
  2. Talk to the icecream seller, pick Vanilla when given choice of icecream.
  3. Give icecream to Chloe.
  4. Pick "he was out of syrup".

Hospital Room

  1. Tap the button on the bed to your left.
  2. Choose "Press button".
  3. Tap Tom.


  1. Talk to the AI about everything. If you don't do it the first time you get in, you can double tap the AI icon in your inventory.
  2. Tap the dali clock on the shelf, then tap the drawers.
  3. Go to the computer.
  4. Click every icon from right to left and do every option available for each. If you've done the necessary steps, once you stand up from the computer, the music will fade out.
  5. You should be able to sleep now (go and tap the bed).

Park dream

  1. Walk towards the baby and his mother.
  2. Once you see him throwing the rattle, pick it up.
  3. Go back a bit and tap the gravel, you will get some.
  4. Open inventory, tap the rattle and then the gravel.
  5. Complete the rattle mini-game.
  6. Wash the rattle in the water.
  7. Give the rattle back to the baby.


  1. Leave the house by tapping the main door.


  1. New map icon. - Go to Highway Park.

Park at night

  1. Go towards the gravel that we were before with Chloe in the dream sequence.
  2. Use the mobile phone on gravel.
  3. Leave the park.


  1. New map icon: Go to the Bar.


  1. Tap Tom sitting in the bar.
  2. After the conversation leave the bar and go home.


  1. Tap the couches on the left as you enter the house.
  2. Go to the room with the computer and if you haven't already done so, pick up the plasticine and silicone from the back (next to the 3d printer).
  3. Use the PC.
  4. Tap the "web" icon (2nd from the right) and choose "Research Chloe's photo".
  5. Go back to the bar.


  1. Do not talk to Tom yet, instead talk with the icecream seller. Talk until you have no other options.
  2. Tap Tom. Choose "Look at this photo" and then "We'll talk later".
  3. Go all the way to the left and tap the door.
  4. Tap John, the man sitting at the table. Pick "Sure" to play cards.
  5. Now, tap "Look Cards" and then "Call" (doesn't really matter if you have a good hand or not)
  6. If playing casual you can skip to step 9 after playing a round. Otherwise, in the time it takes for John to decide you have to:
  7. Tap the lamp at the top.
  8. As soon as the barman at the back starts to pick up a bottle and John looks up, you have to tap both the barman and John. You have to get "He's cleaning a *color* bottle* when tapping the barman and "He's looking at the lamp" when tapping John if you time them right. If you don't manage to do all 3 the first time, pick "Sure. One more round" and repeat the process. You only have to tap the things you missed the first time.
  9. When the game ends pick "You're a cheater!"
  10. Then pick "Someone's helping you" -> "It's the barman" -> "You can, by using the lamp" -> "He cleans different bottles".
  11. Pick a card (they are on a crate all the way to the left.
  12. Go towards the barman in the back.
  13. Tap the bottles (should say "there's a weird green bottle").
  14. Talk to barman and pick "What this weird green bottle?" then drink some (or not) then "thanks for now".
  15. Open inventory tap the card, then tap the conveyor belt (the black hole in the wall on the right of the barman).
  16. Go back to the front part of the bar.
  17. Talk to the Tom and tell him to “distract the barman”. After the sequence plays out, you should have the card!
  18. Leave the bar and go to the park.


  1. Go all the way to the ice-cream seller's stand.
  2. Tap the small keypad on the left of the stand (it will ask for voice command).
  3. Go back to the bar.


  1. Talk to ice-cream seller.
  2. Pick "You use voice protection?", then "tell me about you", then "Talk to you later".
  3. Now, open inventory and tap the phone, then the icecream seller.
  4. Pick "You use voice protection?" again, and then "Talk to you later".
  5. Open inventory, tap plasticine and then the icecream seller.
  6. Open inventory, tap plasticine and then the silicone.
  7. Leave bar and go home.


  1. Go to the kitchen and walk towards the sink so that the camera changes.
  2. Open inventory and tap the combined plasticine with silicone, then use it on the oven on the right.
  3. Leave the house and go to the park.


  1. Go to the icecream stand.
  2. Open inventory and use the phone on the icecream stand's keypad.
  3. Choose "use item" then pick the fake finger/white silicone thing.
  4. Type 183.
  5. Use the deck card on the CCTV (the upper blue hints spot).
  6. Tap the control panel (below the CCTV).
  7. Pick View Data -> System Settings -> Data Backup -> Clone disk -> Return -> Main Menu -> Close Shop.
  8. Leave and go back to the bar.


  1. Talk to Tom.
  2. Leave.


  1. New map icon. Go to Informant.


  1. Tap the door.
  2. Knock a few times.
  3. Tap the dumpster in the back.
  4. Open inventory and combine pencil with piece of cardboard.
  5. Open inventory and use carton on the door.
  6. Open inventory and use phone on the sign at the back.
  7. Leave the alley and go Home.


  1. Go to the computer.
  2. Tap the programs icon.
  3. Choose "Open sign video".


  1. Tap the grid. The solution looks like this.



  1. Use computer again.
  2. Tap programs icon.

Image Reconstruction minigame

  1. This is basically a puzzle you have to piece together. Although the color if each piece doesn't matter (pieces of different colors could snap together). The result is three images.
  2. You can pinch zoom in/out. Zooming out a bit is recommended because it gives you some needed workspace.
  3. Focus more on the the outlines of each piece to find what fits together
  4. The original scrambled positions are not very far from the normal ones. Meaning piece you pick from the top of the scrambled images, should generally be pieces that are from the top of the images
  5. After you manage to connect a few pieces, it should be easier.
  6. After you rebuild the channels you have to pick the right colors for them (tap on the image, then on the color icons on the bottom right). The top image is the red middle is green and bottom is blue.

image reconstruct


  1. Leave the house and go to the bar.


  1. Talk to Tom.
  2. Talk to Tom again.
  3. Leave and go home.


  1. Open inventory and double tap the surgery kit.

Surgery minigame

  1. Push the red button on the bottom right.
  2. Tap/Slide on the arm.
  3. The correct position is somewhere towards the bottom right.
  4. Tap the right arrow icon on the bottom, until you have an indication of 2800Hz

2nd Phase

  1. Pan the camera towards the top left where you should find a chip

3rd Phase

  1. Tap the first icon on the top right
  2. Slide your finger from the top of the chip and towards the bottom (so that it covers the antenna). When you get it right the icon on the right will get deselected.
  3. Tap the second icon and do the same.
  4. IMPORTANT As soon as you finish placing the second tape, a timer will start.
  5. You have to do the following before the time runs out (or you will have to repeat the mini-game)
  6. Move/rotate the camera towards the bottom so you see the feet/base of the chip
  7. Pick the scalpel (third icon) then slide your finger as to cut part of the base (the correct part is the red leg indicated at the beginning
  8. Don't slide your finger over the chip or it won’t be cut.
  9. After you cut both, you have to unselect the scalpel icon, rotate towards the top and repeat the process for the other two.
  10. After you've cut all four of them, unselect the scalpel, select the nitter and tap anywhere on the chip.


  1. Go to the kitchen.
  2. Open inventory, tap the chip and put it in the oven.
  3. Exit the house and go to the informant.


  1. Tap the door.
  2. You have to knock on the door in a specific rhythm taken from the blue dots on the "chip" image.
  3. The correct pattern is (# is knock - is wait) ###-#-# (in casual mode you can talk to Tom to listen to an audio sample of how the knocks should be timed).
  4. Inside informant's home, talk about the two topics and then tap the informant so you can talk to her again.
  5. Choose "Who tagged me?"
  6. Choose "I've searched for her on the net"
  7. Choose "Show her an item"
  8. Pick all of the following -Phone -Card -Reconstructed Photo -Necklace -Image from TV.
  9. Leave informant's house and go Home.


  1. Go to the pc and tap the diary to write an entry. (rightmost icon)
  2. Go to bed and go to sleep
  3. After the sequence leave the house and go to the Informant's house.
  4. Talk to informant.
  5. Leave.


  1. New map icon Go to High Field

High Field

  1. Tap on Richards. (sitting under the tree)

Chess riddle.

  1. Move the king up one square to solve the riddle. Richards joins you.
  2. Leave and go to the bar.


  1. Talk to Tom. (learn about bookstore).
  2. Leave.


  1. New map icon Go to bookstore.


  1. Tap the clerk.
  2. Choose "Bear man says hi!"
  3. Talk about everything, eventually you will start the gun minigame.

Gun minigame

  1. The mini-game is pretty straight forward, but here are a couple of notes
    -To slide the barrel forward you need to use two fingers (one holding the button and then one to actually slide the barrel, when you start sliding it you can let go of the other finger)
    -For the CO2 it's best you move the camera to be towards the front of the gun.
  2. -Touch and hold on the CO2 tube then keep doing a circular counter clockwise motion until the arrow changes position.


  1. You will be transported to home and forced to write a diary. There will be a sleep cut scene and you will wake up and go to a conference room. After that you start your entry mission.

Lab Abandoned Entrance

  1. After the sequence of events you will be outside an abandoned warehouse.
  2. Open inventory and select the chip, then use it on the camera (it's on the top left of the main door).
  3. There is a crowbar on the floor towards the right.
  4. Open inventory and use the liquid nitrogen (they grey tube) on the lock on the door.
  5. Use crowbar on the lock.
  6. Examine the metal bar on the right.
  7. Examine the building on the left.
  8. Examine the building on the left again (there will be a smaller blue hint now, examine that one)
  9. Use smoke bombs on the metal bar on the right.

Lab Abandoned Yard

  1. Walk towards the bottom and pick up the duct tape from the pile of junk.
  2. Use crowbar on the door near the entrance.
  3. Walk in and pick tin foil and screwdriver.
  4. Go towards the far corner and use the screwdriver on the power box.
  5. Open inventory and tap on the screw, use it on the barrel on the left.
  6. Use screwdriver on the barrel on the left.
  7. Use piece of cloth on barrel.
  8. Go back to the trolley near the entrance.
  9. Use the duct tape on trolley.
  10. Use cloth with oil on trolley.
  11. Open inventory and combine metal plate with tin foil.
  12. Use the tin foiled plate on the trolley. Trolley is now in your inventory.
  13. Open inventory and use trolley on door.
  14. Go in.

Lab Abandoned inside the warehouse

  1. Pick-up a piece of glass lying on the floor.
  2. Tap the shelves on the left.
  3. Use the glass on the sack in the middle.
  4. Tap sack to remove it.
  5. Tap the crate on the bottom right.
  6. Tap the machinery on the top right.
  7. Tap the machinery on the bottom left.
  8. Tap on the left to take the rope.
  9. Use rope on the pulley attached to the hanging chain.
  10. Tap the boxes on the left.
  11. Use rope/hook on the boxes.
  12. Use rope/hook on the cylinder on the shelves on the right.
  13. Tap cylinder.
  14. Go behind the boxes and tap on the elevator door.
  15. Choose return.
  16. Open inventory and double tap on the earpiece.
  17. Choose I want to talk to Richards -> Combination for elevator -> Back -> closing
  18. Tap elevator and use the code you were given. (2-7-4-3)


  1. Use the piece of glass on the elevator door to get outside.
  2. Go to the far end of the corridor and click on the door – it can’t open from inside.
  3. Go to the other far end of the corridor and use the glove on the red doors keypad.
  4. Inside go down and take a cube company logo from the desk
  5. Go to the other end of the room and into the kitchen.
  6. Tap the shelves to get some plastic cups and a cleaning liquid.
  7. Tap the sink cupboard to take some caustic soda.
  8. On your inventory use the caustic soda with the plastic cup.
  9. And then again in the inventory use the other chemical with the cup with chemicals to get an acid.
  10. Use a cup with the sink to get a cup with water.
  11. Use the acid on the hatch on the left.
  12. Tap the cleaning robot and enable every area and every option.
  13. Go to the blue door on the corridor by the elevator and use the cup of water with the blue door.
  14. Use the company logo item on the blue door while the flap door is still open. If you are late and the robot returns you must get another cup of water.
  15. Use the glass on the blue door.
  16. Use the laser gun on the blue door.
  17. Use the glove on the first door to your right past the blue door.
  18. Tap the control panel and select “Look at camera display”. Then “Help me to get you out”.
  19. Tap Chloe’s icon to play as Chloe.
  20. Tap the window of the cell.
  21. Tap the small object located under the platform where Greg is. Chloe should say there is a big box underneath the bay.
  22. Press X and select Greg’s icon to play as Greg.
  23. Tap the panel and select -> Look at camera display -> Did you find anything? The staircase should open.
  24. Approach the cell and after the small cinematic tap the cell again and select “Look inside the cell”.
  25. Use the earpiece (double tap) and select “I want to talk to you”-> Any Ideas?
  26. Tap the control panel and select Security Settings->Safety Settings->Fire Alarm.
  27. Close the menu and go tap the cell again to talk to Chloe. Select Set off the fire alarm -> I’ll come back
  28. Use the piece of glass with the cell to give it to Chloe.
  29. Use the laser gun with the cell to give it to Chloe.
  30. Play as Chloe and use the piece of glass with the mattress to get piece of foam.
  31. Use the piece of foam on the alarm
  32. Use the laser gun with the alarm. After that there will be a big cut-scene where you will be able to talk but any choice doesn’t greatly impact the story so you can select whatever you want. After the travel you wake up in Underground.


You wake up in underground and have a look at the echo device that shows you what you have to do. You can access it at any time by double clicking it at the inventory you have some things to do but there is no particular order to do them.Also the items you need to interact with now are turned red.

  1. Pick up the metal bar from the floor.
  2. Pick up the rock from the floor.
  3. Use the metal bar on the holes on the wall under the destroyed stairs.
  4. Use the stone on the metal bar.
  5. Tap the metal bar or outside to leave.
  6. Go home.


  1. Go to the computer. Select the file manager -> Create encrypted file.
  2. Select the internet image -> Order chip removal kit.
  3. Close PC. Greg should say that he is done with home
  4. Pick up a pencil by the pc.
  5. Leave the house and go to the field.


  1. Go and talk to Richards. Select “Try to flatter him” -> “I need your help” and then whatever you like. Then select “Show me the riddle”
  2. This riddle is a bit tough. You can either play and find the solution or press X, leave and go home. Go to the pc and search the solution on the internet. The next you come back and play the riddle there will be an option to auto complete. The solution is:

You move the rook right in front of the black pawn and then move the pawn forward one block. After you complete it select either “I’ll pay you” or “Blackmail him”. You will be directed back underground to sleep every time you complete what you have to do in two places.

You wake up and click outside to go to the map.

Go to the highway park.


  1. Use the necklace with the gravel. – You are finished here also.
  2. Leave to the map and go to the bookstore.


  1. Talk to the Jensen (clerk). Select Goodbye.
  2. Talk to the nerd reading. Select : Ask about this bookstore -> What kind of books are sold? -> Anything special? -> Enough about books -> Nothing -> Goodbye.
  3. Talk to Jensen again. Select I’d like a book -> The superspy and the select whatever you like -> Goodbye.
  4. Talk to the nerd again. Select Tell me about this bookstore -> What kind of books are sold? -> Tell me about the comics - > enough about books -> Nothing -> Goodbye.
  5. Talk to Jensen and select I’d like a book -> The superspy -> But he only carries a knife.
  6. You go to sleep again. When you wake up leave the underground and go to Hacker/Alley.


  1. Use the pencil with the dumpster. If you haven’t taken the pencil it is back in home next to the computer.
  2. Use the rock with the power box to break it open.
  3. Tap it to start the powerbox mini game.

POWERBOX mini game

  1. Tap the door to open the box.
  2. Slide down and tap the cables to take resistors and cables.
  3. Tap the led indicator to take out the blown fuse.
  4. Use the cable with the led indicator. The led should light up.
  5. Slide up and tap the small metal cover to go to the circuit board game.
  6. For the first resistor put three resistors in line to create a 3000 Ohm resistor. (you press the icon indicating two resistors in line).
  7. For the second resistor you put two resistors in line and on one of them you add a parallel one (by tapping it and selecting the icon showing two resistors side to side).
  8. For the third resistor you put three resistors in line, on the first you add two parallel resistors and on the second you add one parallel. (results to 1800 Ohm). This ends the circuit riddle.
  9. Tap the red button to put the sign back to working order.


  1. Tap the door to go to the informant.
  2. Select “Shout nickname” and you go inside.


  1. You talk yourself out of this conversation and another day ends.


  1. When you approach the desk you start talking with the security. Select
  1. I work here as an intern -> Spout technobabble -> Yes -> No.
  2. Talk with the security again.
  3. Steal gun,
  4. Fix gun (or... don't!)

Enjoy the ending cutscene.

Thank you for playing Lost Echo!

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