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Aug 04 2015 - Posted by: Nick Konstantoglou


A few months ago, I was struggling to write dialogue for Lost Echo: Resonance (writer’s block, or just burnt out, dunno). To overcome it, I sat down and decided to write whatever came to mind.

The result was TV Game/Reality Show ideas. Not sure why. I don’t really watch television and my views on gameshows and reality shows fall somewhere between finding them boring and exploitative.

With that said, here is a list of concepts for reality and game shows that I would watch (or, even join… *gasp* !):

Kafka's Kitchen

Chef K, a Gordon Ramsay impersonator, visits YOUR house, goes to your kitchen, eats your food then complains that your ingredients aren't fresh and that your kitchen isn't clean. You call the police trying to get the weird man out of your house. The police say they can't interfere since you signed your rights away. You swear you didn't, but they don't listen.

Chef K, yells at you, claiming you'll never have more customers if you don't change your ways. You try to say that this is your house and that you don't need customers and Chef K tells you to stop being in denial.

After many days of training, you finally cook the perfect meal, your customers are all saying how happy they are with your food, the business is booming and when the episode finally airs you will get even more people coming to your house to eat.

Sometimes at night, you seem to remember that you had another job and that you were doing something else.

Thankfully it's just a bad dream.

Dreams/Reality Show (Alternative title "Like a snowflake")

People are put in a house. In their introduction they each state their dreams and how unique and interesting people they are, and how they will stop at nothing to achieve their dreams.

Each day there is a challenge. In the challenge, a variety of friends, family members, scientists and academics come and make very thorough and reasonable arguments why their dreams will never be fulfilled.

Whoever loses their motivation to achieve their dream is out of the game.

Those who stay, will have to explain in detail how they are planning to achieve their dream at some point in the future, while denying how improbable their plans are because "they were meant to" and "it's the most important thing" to them.

The winner gets to become a TV show host.

Socio Political Reality

People representing all human identities are put into a house and have to work together. If they don't manage to, we all lose.

So you think you can Procrastinate?

People are invited to stay in a house. They are given computers, internet access, tablets and consoles. Also a ton of responsibilities. Their moms are trying to guilt trip them into doing stuff each day. The electronics are slowly taken away, until they are left with no computers, internet or gadgets.

If someone takes care even one of their responsibilities, they lose.

The final winner, wins the knowledge that he'll never do anything meaningful with his life.

The Mundane Show

The contestants are all people with normal jobs and happy lives. They are taken into a house, where every day they are told they should ask more from their lives, that they were meant for greatness, that they should follow their dreams and should constantly compare themselves to great figures in history. If they are convinced, they lose.

The winner gets to go back to his happy life.

Regret or No regret

50 suitcases contain the contestant's most embarrassing and depressing moments in his life. Each time he opens one, he is presented with two options "Regret or No Regret". If he chooses no regret he loses. If he manages to open all cases, while truly admitting regrets, he is then asked if he can live with himself. If he says yes, he loses because he’s lying.

If he says no, he wins 1000$.

Next top Reality

Multiverse cameras are set up in a variety of parallel universes. One has achieved a complete post-scarcity economy, another complete world peace has been achieved, etc. After a month of exploring these realities, viewers are asked to vote for the best one. The rest, are destroyed.

Top Prime Minister

Contestants picked by the show's sponsors are put in a house. Each day they do a variety of activities like hopscotching, hoola-hooping, beer making and interpretive dancing. Viewers are asked to vote who they think would be the "coolest to hang out with".

The winner gets to run their country.

World's Best Rationalizer

People are gathered in a house. They are asked about decisions they made during their lives, the state their lives are right now, how happy they are, whether they achieved what they wanted and if not, why etc etc. Whenever someone admits they did something wrong or attach any sort of blame to themselves, they lose.

The winner gets to lead a political party that the show has prepared for them.

Top Therapist

The contestants are Psychotherapists and they are gathered in a house. Each day a contestant is encouraged to look directly in the camera and in a calm manner, nod agreeably and occasionally say the words "I understand", "How does that make you feel?" and "Hmmm". The viewers are encouraged to tell all their problems at their TV during that time. Each week they vote for the contestant that seemed to be more understanding of their problems and had the most calming presence.

The winner gets a full day on live television, where he can talk about all his problems in as much detail as he wants and everyone is obligated, by law, to never judge them.

Top LoveSick

Contestants that were recently heartbroken are put in a house. Each day they are presented with and get to talk to new people, watch movies together and have drinks with them, if they wish to.

Whoever moves on, loses.

The winner gets diagnosed with Limerence.

Extreme Personality Makeover!

Do you know what people find «Sexy»…?


No! Not anymore!

It’s Personalities!

Does your personality suck? Now even *you* can get a personality that has all the sexy traits and latest trends. Now even you can have opinions that will turn heads!

Each week, one lucky individual that feels that their personality isn't interesting enough will get a complete makeover! The showrunners use hypnosis, brainwashing and television to implant new ideas. The contestants are put in a skinner box that gives them food every time they say a new idea and shocks them every time they express an opinion they used to hold.

With enough time, anyone can have an interesting and unique personality and become a new person!

The Universette

Contestants are gathered and are trying to «woo» the universe. They can make whatever offerings, statements, thoughts and actions they want in order to make the universe notice them.

Nobody wins. Ever.

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