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Lost Echo: Resonance is an experimental point and click adventure game by KickBack and sequel to Lost Echo


Originally it was intended to be a short free update to the main game that would expand the ending and serve as an epilogue to the main game. It eventually became a full fledged sequel that will be a separate app.

While wanting to expand the ending and “more properly” conclude the main game did play a role in the decision to make this, it was also a way to play with the various experimental ideas and plots we didn’t have time to put into the original game. But as it turns out, when you want to experiment a bit, things start taking a lot more time.

For the last few years, Ted Regklis took the task of creating the game’s soundscape.


The game will be split in two, a Greg chapter and a Chloe chapter. You can play them in the order of your choice. One chapter is structured more like a traditional adventure game, while the other chapter is more interested in experimental gameplay and storytelling without dialogue.




This page is a WIP. Please check back in a few days, thanks :)

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