Privacy Policy v1.4 (updated 28 May 2020)

We don't care about your data. We just want to make games.

This privacy policy is intended to provide information on how KickBack doesn't collect, store or uses information collected in connection with KickBack's games, such as Lost Echo and our website.

Information Collection and Use

We don't actively collect any personal data apart from some minimal data to track bug crashes that are collected automatically through the respected stores Lost Echo is available. (which we never look at, since they're not really useful)

We do not want or need any data from you and in areas where we can avoid gathering (directly or indirectly) any data, we do so (it's much harder than you think, or impossible, when you have to rely on 3rd party stuff).

We do use some 3rd party services that may collect information used to identify you.

Google Play Services

On Android devices we use Google Play Services (for achievements and cloud saves).
      You can read their privacy policy here: Google Play Services

Unity Software

We use Unity, the game engine. We may not care about your data, but it seems like Unity does.

To the best of our knowledge, we have disabled all of the built-in Unity Analytics and Data Collection we are able to, but we can't guarantee that no data collection happens at all from the Unity Engine.

If you only have time to read only one privacy policy, read Unity's. Our interpretation of it is that some data collection from Unity Technologies happens regardless of what we do (and that goes for all Unity games/software). We do not have, or want, access to whatever data they may or may not collect.

Turns out, making a game and having it collect nothing is close to impossible these days.
      You can read their privacy policy here: Unity Privacy Policy (the relevant part is "I play a game built with Unity software, what should I know?")


On our website, we use disqus to allow people to comment on our blog posts.
      You can read their privacy policy here: disqus Privacy Policy

Also on our website, through our host, anonymous data are collected every time someone visits the site. Data like, browser version, operating system used, referral URL, IP address. These are available to us in anonymous form, through software like Webalyzer and are stored on our web server of our web hosting provider. This data is not passed on to third parties. We look at those occasionally to see how much traffic our site is getting.

Also, our website does NOT use cookies, unless you login to disqus to participate in the comments, in which case I suggest you read the disqus Privacy Policy above.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

If anything changes, we will be updating this Privacy Policy. Your continued use of our services indicate your acceptance of any changes to this policy, so please check back periodically.

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Privacy Policy

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