Our emotions are heavily influenced by our unreliable and failing memories... With that in mind, do our emotions matter?

...Nevermind that question, let’s just get past it.

The real question is: don't you want to satisfy your emotions regardless of whether they "matter" or not?

Does satisfying emotions work? Can one really be satisfied?

Does satisfaction come from finding one's place in life? What if someone's place in life is not a nice place to be?

With sights set higher than even the top of Maslow’s pyramid, will something "lesser" do?

Nevermind, let’s get past all that too.

Let’s go to a place far beyond, beyond all those worries... beyond memories, beyond identity, beyond reality, beyond truth, what will you find?

I hope...

I hope this is what you wanted.

There's no more turning back.


Soon everything will be...

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