"A richly defined, innovative experience,
Lost Echo is exactly what an iOS adventure should be."
"I can't help but be completely and utterly impressed." IndieGames.com
"This is a must-buy for anybody who loves sci-fi, mystery,
or just adventure games in general."

"An engaging plot that takes off right from the beginning
and contains little filler."


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In the near future Greg's girlfriend Chloe mysteriously disappears in front of him. He starts a desperate search for her. What happened? Why does no-one else remember her? Solve puzzles, explore fully 3d environments, interact with numerous characters and solve the mystery!

Lost Echo is a modern, story driven, visually ambitious, intuitive, sci-fi mystery adventure game.

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Detailed and realistic graphics, rarely found on mobile devices and so optimised that they even work on older and lower specced devices!


A soundtrack was written specifically for the game. Drawing from multiple genres so it creates the proper atmosphere for each area.


An engrossing mystery with a satisfying conclusion. Meet and interact numerous characters, find clues and slowly reveal the truth. But is the truth really enough?


Point and click is one of those genres where touch devices just make sense. We made sure we took advantage of that.


Lost Echo: Resonance

What is Lost Echo: Resonance

Considering that memories are unreliable and that our emotions are shaped by our memories, then... do our emotions matter?



Nevermind that actually, let’s get past it. It doesn’t matter. The real question is: don't you want to satisfy your emotions regardless of whether they "matter" or not?


What are you talking about? Tell me about Lost Echo: Resonance! You've been working on it for years! It has been way too long already!

But can one really be satisfied? Does satisfying emotions work? How about finding one's place in life? What if someone's place in life is not a nice place to be?

We were programmed to set our sights higher than even the top of Maslow’s pyramid but that's not achievable, will something "lesser" do?

Nevermind, let’s get past all that, let’s go to a place far beyond, beyond all those worries... beyond memories, beyond identity, beyond reality, beyond truth, what will you find?


You've lost me.

Lost Echo: Resonance was supposed to be an epilogue to the main game, intended to address some of the unresolved questions left by the end of Lost Echo. It was supposed to be a free update to the main game. That was many years ago, many years that we've spent developing what has now become a full fledged sequel.

It has become clear to us we can no longer release Lost Echo: Resonance for free. We simply can't. To be able to do it, we'd have to have even less regard for our self-preservation than we already do.

As such, Lost Echo: Resonance will be a full fledged sequel and will be released as a separate game, much like how we released Lost Echo.

How can you live with yourselves?

Well, if you wanted to know, the last few years have been tough :)

As far as Lost Echo: Resonance is concerned, we really didn't make this decision lightly. I don't want to offer excuses, I just hope you trust us enough to believe us when we say there was no other choice.

Thank you, and we hope you'll enjoy Lost Echo: Resonance when we finally release it.


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