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Oct 13 2013 - Posted by: Nick Konstantoglou

So our blog has 2 whole blog posts since July. We want to change that. We want to turn this into a development blog. We want to be more open, which means that we might end up talking about things that might not end up happening. So here we go:

Lost Echo

Our game Lost Echo has been out for two weeks now. And as we're starting to make our immediate plans I think it's time to share them.

  • We released 1.0.2 our first bug fix yesterday (with a few minor secret changes as well). We'll soon upload 1.0.3 to Apple and with that I think we'll have all the essential bug fixes and improvements in place.
  • After that we'll start adding features. We have a couple of things we are looking into that people asked us: (an options menu, joystick support etc) and some things we want to do (another round of editing of the script, some animation improvements and some extra graphics polishing).
  • At the same time we'll focus on translations. Right now, we really want to do translations, but our game has a LOT of text so it won't be easy or cheap to do. We'll keep you posted here as we move forward.
  • And... (this is the one we are excited about) we want to add an extra chapter to Lost Echo. We are proud to (informally) announce:

Lost Echo: Resonance

Lost Echo: Resonance is going to be the first big free update to the game. Admittedly we don't have much to show for it right now. What we have is an outline of the events that will take place, a few puzzle ideas we haven't developed yet and a really rough completely new area that we started working on. So why are we (informally) announcing it? Because we decided to do it. We are going to do it. And we are trying to be more open.

The main problem right now is we can't decide on the scope of it. It will be small(-ish?). After a 2+ year development cycle, we can't do another big one, it'll kill us. So a small development cycle. What can we fit into that?

We don't know! We have the following goals:

1) Provide a bit more closure to the game: explain certain things better and make some things very clear that were previously only hinted at.

2) Try a few new puzzle ideas. There were some ideas we had to cut from Lost Echo, or some ideas we got too late into development to fully realize. We'll see if we can experiment with them here.

In any case, we'll try to update the blog with development news frequently, so stay tuned.

Now in other news...

Casual Connect

We are going to Casual Connect Kyiv 2013! We are part of the Indie Prize Showcase. This is very exciting for us since it is the first time we are going to a showcase like this as developers. We're not sure what awaits us, but we'll make sure to bring back pictures! (and hopefully an award? ;) )

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